Welcome to modern Chinese with an island breeze. The Blue Breeze Inn serves up the sensational flavours of regional China in the lush, laid-back surrounds of a Pacific Island paradise. We’re also home to NZ’s premiere rum and cocktail bar: The Rum Jungle. Come enjoy an island holiday with a cutting-edge chef, right in the heart of Auckland’s Ponsonby Road.

HUGE fun can fit in little envelopes.


Barrington first fell in love with the light and vibrant flavours of modern Asian food while working at Martin Boetz’s Sydney restaurant, Longrain. It wasn’t long before he was backpacking through Thailand, boarding with families and learning alongside ‘the Mammas’ in their simple kitchens.

In 2011, Che opened MooChowChow, Auckland’s first modern Thai restaurant, celebrated for its innovative take on traditional Thai flavours and techniques. And now, at The Blue Breeze Inn, Che is bringing that same combination of Kiwi innovation and ancient tradition to Chinese food.

After a research expedition to China in 2012, Che has returned passionate about the vast palette of flavours, textures and cooking techniques yet to be made available to Auckland diners. If you think you know Chinese food, Che’s ever-changing menu will make you think again.

 Our dumplings are hand made in front of you by our team of dumpling chefs.

 Vegetarians will love what we can do with tofu.

Chinese flavours meet locally-sourced Kiwi greens.

Tuatua goes beautifully with pork and black rice vinegar.

 The Shanghai Baby, garnished with a white rose.

Mongolian spices are a perfect match for New Zealand lamb.

 Our classic Bang Bang Chicken is as much fun to say as it is delicious to eat.

Throughout China’s history, the first act of a new emperor was appointing a head chef to his court. Over hundreds of years, this competitive tradition evolved a highly elegant culinary culture with one overriding obsession: extracting the maximum flavour of each ingredient.

Today, China’s culinary legacy delivers a mouth watering repertoire of tastes and techniques to The Blue Breeze’s kitchen, resulting in flavour combinations as diverse as they are delicious.

Perch up at our open kitchen bar and watch our Chinese-trained dumpling chefs, their impossibly dextrous hands a blur of folding, flipping, stuffing and pinching. Or drink to your health every time a fireball goes up from one of our flaming woks.

This is a fresh, exciting, invigorated kitchen of talented food lovers, and watching them work is an event in itself.

Ladies & Gentlemen, please start your chopsticks.

This is where the lush bounty of Polynesia mingles with the exotic tastes of Asia. Machete-hacked coconuts, thick sticks of grassy sugar cane juiced through our hand-cranked press, vaporised nectars and diamond-bright blocks of ice the size of your fist… once you sample The Rum Jungle’s cocktails, you’ll understand why we go to such lengths to squeeze that island-fresh flavour into the glass.

And if you prefer your drink with less spectacle but just as much taste, enjoy the thirst-quenching cool of our handcrafted beer, or order from our carefully curated selection of wines.

The Blue Breeze Inn always encourages its guests to drink and canoe responsibly.

Winner winner birthday dinner? Let us know (on the sly) and we’ll surprise the birthday boy or girl with a complimentary candle in their dessert. If you’d like to bring your own birthday cake, our staff will help you store and serve it as part of our $15 cake serving charge.

Are you a group of eight or more? Sit back and let us take care of the ordering for you with our spend-per-head service, starting at $55.00 plus any beverages. We’ll treat your table to a mouth-watering selection of our most popular dishes, taking into account any dietary restrictions. Alternatively, your group is always welcome to order off the menu. We’ll check your preference when you arrive.

As with regular table service, all our dishes are designed to share and arrive in a rolling manner as soon as they’re ready.

For groups of eight to ten, consider our exclusive dining booth. Secluded behind iron rails and giant glass beads, our elevated dining booth is perfect for those who enjoy a more discreet dining experience. You’re still part of the restaurant – but just that little bit removed.

Booking is essential.

Phone 09 360 0303 or email bookings@thebluebreezeinn.co.nz

Get a postcard?

A warm, frangipani-scented hello from The Blue Breeze Inn. If you found a slice of island-paradise in your letter box, then that means someone you know wished you were here. We’d love you to come visit our restaurant – but depending on where you are, New Zealand might still be a dream away.

Until then, complete the circle by emailing us a photo of you anywhere in the world with your Blue Breeze postcard. Let us know who you are, where you are and which of your friends sent it to you… and there might be a treat in store for them the next time they drop by.

Hope to see you soon,

Sundays are special at The Blue Breeze Inn.

Along with our most popular dishes, we offer all-day dumplings and Peking duck. Expect mouth-wateringly crispy duck that honours the imperial tradition, thanks to our purpose-built Peking duck roasting oven. Kick back to smooth, island-time grooves and enjoy a delicious, laid-back end to your week, where any time is the right time. Make your Sunday a Coconut Sundae.

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A restaurant is only as good as its staff – which is why, at The Blue Breeze Inn, we’re always keeping an eye out for talent. If you come with at least one year of hospitality experience and have great references, we’d like to hear from you.

But first, come by The Blue Breeze Inn and take a look – can you see yourself working with us? The pace is fast – and yet our service is efficient, knowledgable and charming. Our open kitchen requires focussed minds and steady hands, as you’ll always be on display under pressure. This is not a restaurant for the faint hearted… but if you know how to work hard, you have proven skills, and you want to create exceptional food and service alongside Auckland’s best – get in touch.

Send us an email introducing yourself, tell us what you thought of your visit, and attach your resumé.